ZLATNA DOB - Care home
Miroslava Krleže 136 , 43000 Bjelovar

ZLATNA DOB - Care home

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Miroslava Krleže 136 , 43000 Bjelovar

043/217 279, 043/252 059

098/700 747

Care home ZLATNA DOB
Main facts
Founder: privately owned
Home director: Željko Novak
Opened in: 2005.
Number of beds: 28
Basic accommodation price of 2.900,00 kn
Room type
Single room Double room Shared room Intensive care
Form of accommodation
Long-term stay Short-term-stay Trial stay Day care
Care services
Assisted living:
Inpatient nursing care:
Psychiatric care:
Dementia/Alzheimer care:
Hospice care:
Facilities and services
Room features
About care home

Care home Zlatna dob, Bjelovar, Croatia